Andrea Nelson

Andrea Nelson

There’s a saying “Everyone has a book inside them”.

I’ve always wanted to write and have penned several beginnings of a book over the years but something else has always seemed to overtake my literary moment.

Growing up, I loved to watch Miss Marple films particularly those with Margaret Rutherford playing the part of Miss Marple. I loved that my enjoyment of each film came from the humour between Miss Marple and her assistant Mr Stringer (her real life husband). I always believed anyone and everyone should watch her films and during this couple of hours, every worry you had would disappear for a little while.

In the same way, I loved to read “The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries”.

I have worked within the Finance Industry since I was 19. Initially for a Bank and then as a Finance Packager.

I grew up in a small village called Burtonwood in the North West of England, moving to London in my thirties.

I had great fun growing up. I was surrounded by some extremely fun characters and my life was filled with laughter.

My English Teacher (Mr Horner) once told me that I should definitely write a book at some point in my life.

Finding ourselves locked down during the Pandemic, I needed something to do with my time. Home Schooling wasn’t enough to fill my day so, finally, I began to write. If ever there was going to be the right time, this was it.

I knew straight away what kind of book it was going to be and I also knew that it wouldn’t be a one off. What I wanted to do was provide the reader with a series of books. If they enjoy reading the first one and fell in love with the Characters as I have, they would know this was the start of the journey.

The characters were easy for me to write in. They are all made up of bits of people I have known in my life.

My Great Aunt who was actually called Auntie Mildred, did ride a motorbike until her early eighties and it was called Betsey. Her character and relationship with Monty is based on people I know as are Beth and Jordan.

I read lots of books, usually Murder Mysteries and you do grow to know the characters in the books you read so it was very important for me to make sure that anyone reading my books would grow to love the characters as much as I do.

Book Number Two is already written.

The Trouble With Murder
………. On The Beach

The wheels are in motion for Number Three.

I had thought, when I began this process, that if all else failed, I would write a book for my own satisfaction and my Children and Grandchildren could always say Mum/Grandma wrote a book.

I never imagined I would love it as much as I do.

Laughter should be something we all have in our lives. I write in the hope my books spread a little bit into someone else’s.

The Trouble With Murder...

At The Hall

Andrea Nelson

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