The Trouble With Murder... At The Hall

book one of the Trouble With Murder Series

by Andrea Nelson

Avid Ghost Hunter and Wannabe Miss Marple, Beth Evans-Silverton and her best friend Monty Peebles find themselves literally right under the scene of a crime.
Along with Beth's husband Jordan and Monty's Motorbike Loving 88 year old Auntie Mildred, they become the unlikely team formed to unravel a potential Murder at "Waterdale Hall" the large Estate in the village Beth and Jordan have recently moved to.

What follows can only be described as a hilarious chain of evens as they fumble their way through this, their first real Super Sleuthing Adventure.
Monty, only really on the journey to keep his friend company initially. Jordan never had any intention of "Joining Up". Mildred is 100% ready for action. "Uncle Sam" himself may as well be calling out her name.

Andrea's book

The Trouble With Murder... At The Beach

book TWO of the Trouble With Murder Series

by Andrea Nelson

In their latest escapade, Beth Evans-Silverton, amateur ghost hunter and self-appointed detective, alongside her ever-reluctant husband Jordan and the unflappable Monty Peebles, attend a sunlit wedding in picturesque Norfolk. A leisurely stroll on the beach takes a shocking turn when they stumble across a body amidst the sand dunes. With a new mystery at their feet and trouble as their constant companion, the quirky team is once again thrown into the deep end.

As personalities clash and secrets unravel, Beth doggedly pursues the clues. However, presenting the culprit to the authorities proves trickier than expected. Join Beth, Jordan, Monty, and the indomitable Auntie Mildred, who is more ready than ever to dive into action, in another uproarious adventure where the tide always turns in the most unexpected ways.